home interior design - Darwin Interior
Space optimisation
home interior design - Darwin Interior
Space optimisation
Yishun Ave 4

Designer: Rayson Fong
Owner’s Budget: Above >$50,000
Theme: Contemporary

5 Little-known Ways To Turn Your Home Into An Irresistibly Cosy Place

If you are looking to live comfortably in an HDB apartment, do read on as you will discover 5 little-known ways that can turn your home into a cosy place you’ll want to spend all your free time in.

The proud homeowner is Mr Wang, and together with his designer Rayson, they came out with this amazing home interior that is perfect for their family of four.

Here are the 5 ways to bring out the best in your HDB apartment so the entire family enjoys the comfortable environment.

1) Let your children’s room reflect their own personality

If you have children who are very young, consider picking a colour that’s more fitting of their gender. Having a room that they can identify with will make them appreciate their home more. The colours on the walls play an important part in the mood of the room.

If you have children who are in their teens, let them choose a colour that matches their personality, like having pastel warm colours for a bubbly outgoing child and cooler colours for a quieter child that prefers to be alone.

Children's room

Children’s room

Make a guess, does this room pictured above belong to Mr Wang’s teenage son or daughter?

If you have an answer in mind, let’s see if you got it right – the room is for his son! You can have a better idea of someone’s personality from the look and feel of the room.

2) Improve Air Circulation Despite A Lower Ceiling


Wonder what’s that circular device on the ceiling?

In order to achieve a cosy lighting effect with the down lights, Mr Wang has make allowances for a lower ceiling. What happens is that the ceiling fan will be closer to them as they eat their dinner. If you do not like the idea of having moving blades hover overhead while you eat, this idea can certainly help.

Using the circulator pictured directly above the dining table, you can have both a lower ceiling without the moving blades getting too close to your head. The circulator draws air from its surrounding and lets the air move around, keeping you cool without spinning blades above your head.

3) Increase Available Space Using Creative Space Partitions


Space optimisation

Using a rack to create a creative partition

To have more space for your home, consider having less obstruction around. After removing walls, you can place a rack in its place. This creates a visual partition for different spaces, while still giving the family members more space to move around. Mr Wang’s living room transits into his workspace, separated by a rack displaying his favourite decor items.



Use blinds/curtains to create a kitchen partition

Another way to use visual partition is to install curtains to separate the kitchen from the living room area. This keeps the cooking area apart, without taking up as much physical space as a physical glass panels.

4) Less Cleaning Work, More Time To Relax

At 113 square metres, keeping a 5 room HDB in spick and span condition can be quite a lot of work. Good thing this home uses an ingenious way of reducing the work needed to maintain the curtains.

Masterbedroom design

Blinds also help to reduce cleaning efforts!

In the master bedroom and the kid’s room, roller blinds replace the role of curtains. This greatly reduces cleaning time when removing dust from the flatter surface, and makes maintenance a joy compared to fabric which can be dust magnets.

5) Soak In A Bathtub Like In Luxury Hotels

Do you think it’s impossible to have a bathtub in your HDB bathroom?

Not this one! Mr Wang has a bathtub 1.5m long in the bathroom inside the master bedroom.

Bathtub is possible in a HDB toilet

Bathtub is possible in a HDB toilet

Soak in the comfort after a long day at work. Along with the modern elements in the bathroom cabinet and mirror that create a pleasant appearance, this will make your home cosier than most.
Now that you know the 5 ways to make any HDB apartment more cosy, doesn’t it make you want to make an appointment to meet with a qualified designer to work with you on your own cosy dream home too?


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