Why Should You Care About Interior Design?

It’s not hard to find some people who will go through all the trouble and find a good Interior

Designer to design their homes, while some people never put in any thought into designing

their homes at all.

If you belong to the latter group, it’s time to think otherwise. Read our 6 reasons below to

understand why you should start looking into getting your home, all designed and done up.

It’s worth that extra effort.

#1: For Your Health

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Much of the research in the fields of therapeutic and environmental design has shown that

creating environments that are therapeutic will result in reducing stress, improving your

health, and promote a sense of overall well-being.

Home is where most people spent most of their time in, it’s a place where one will wind

down and relax. So, spend some efforts into designing your home, customising it into your

very own relaxation lounge, creating an environment that will aid in relaxation, and improve

your health in the long run.

#2: For A Happier You

Photo Credit: https://mykitchensync.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/photo-13.jpg

Photo Credit: https://mykitchensync.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/photo-13.jpg

Take a look at the above picture and how do you feel now?

Without any reason, you feel some frustration and irritation funnelling up; negative feelings

ignite upon seeing a messy room. That’s natural.

Your home will affect your mood and how you feel. You feel loved and warmed when you

are surrounded with things you love. You feel light-hearted and cheerful when you are in a

beautiful place. A comfortable couch, coupled with warm, yellow lights makes you feel

cosy and comfy.

In short, how you design your home affects your everyday mood. Start your day happy and

fresh with a well-design home.

#3: It Tells Who You Are

How you design your home reflects a lot about who you are.

Have you been to a friend’s house and learn more about the person just by noticing how

their room is done up, what decorations they have, and what colour themes they use?

Sub-consciously, our living space reflects who we are. It is a part of us, and interior design

is a creative means of exhibiting your personality and showcasing to your visitors when they

visit your home. Be it a modern contemporary style or an industrial design style (check out

the different styles on our article here) [Link to the previous article on styles], this is your

very own personal space to shout out loud who you are and customised it in whichever way

you fancy.

#4: It Trains You to be Detail Oriented


Designing your home is a big project, from the major overhaul like room layout and colour

themes to the minor details like your phone design; it trains people to be detail oriented as

every single detail e.g. a clock or phone or rug affects the whole design of your home. It’s

all these little minor details coming together that make your home the way it is.

You will be amazed how a simple accessory e.g. a soap dish can affect the whole look and

concept of your house.

#5: It Helps To Maximise Your Space


When you think of how you will design or décor your home, it’s inevitable that you will start

planning for the spaces, and be aware of the amount of space you have.

Especially in Singapore, most people will find that they do not have enough space for all the

things they want to put in, yet they do not want their house to look cramped, thus designing

your home will help you to maximise the space you have, plan for future needs and invest

in multi-purpose furniture which can help you create a spacious home, yet accommodating

all your stuff.

#6: For Future Investment


Spending some efforts in designing your house is crucial especially when you intend to put

up your home for sale some day in the future. Since home buyers usually look at multiple

listings at a go, it’s critical that your property stands out in the crowd, and with Interior

Design, it’s no doubt your property will stand out from the others.

All BTOs in Singapore look similar in terms of the layout and structure, so given a choice,

will you buy one which has a beautiful cohesive modern theme or one which has never done

any designs? A pretty house also creates a deeper impression in your buyer, and facilitate

in your selling.

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