Ways to fit a large TV in a small room
18 August 2017

From a rectangular box-like console delivering grainy black-and-white images, to today’s razor-thin screens that’s projecting high-definition video – the television has become a fixture in the home of every Singaporean family.

While our houses are getting smaller in size, our TVs on the contrary getting bigger and bigger. Bigger is better — pretty much. Lots of people would want a bigger TV, which gives a better viewing pleasure, and you get to see your TV idols clearer and closer as well.

However not all sizes are suitable for each and every room. The best size for your TV depends on how big the room is, what you are watching (Whether it’s a high-definition video), how far away you’ll be sitting, and what you can afford.

Here’s some steps to fit your TV in your small room, specially listed by Darwin Interior designers.

1: Determine the viewing distances

Here’s a loose guideline for you to follow when choosing your screen sizes. Determine the viewing distances you can afford in your room and choose the appropriate screen size. Choose the appropriate distance and start shopping for your TV now!

TV Distances

2: Check the placement of your TV

TV Reflection

Every TV has a reflective screen, and regardless of how awesome your TV features are, it simply won’t do when your TV has all the reflections from your room lights or natural lights from windows. They are the No. 1 killer of TV images.

Of course, you can argue that the lights can be turned off and the curtains be drawn but sometimes that’s not easy or possible. So avoid placing your TV in front of a window, or opposite a west-facing window. The glare from the windows and your screen can cause eye strain.

An additional tip for those who can’t decide. Mount your TV on a wall mount that pivots can help if you can’t fix the placement of your TV yet. So when you’re getting the reflection, you can just easily move the TV slightly to avoid any reflections.

3: Blend your TV with arts

Blend in TV with Arts

If your TV is slim and sleek enough and you are able to mount it on the wall, blending it into your gallery wall is a sneaky option to draw attention away from the empty frame, and blend it in with your art pieces.

The ultimate idea is to camouflage. Other than camouflaging it with a gallery wall (if you are not the artsy type), try to go black. A black TV won’t stand out as much if it’s against a dark wall. This can hide your screen and won’t affect the overall interior design of your home.

4: Make your TV Movable

Movable TV

Image Credit: the designhome.com

If you really desire to have a large TV but have no space and o idea where to place one, why not make it movable? Who set the rules for a fixed TV position? Make your home interior design unique by having a movable TV which can blend in with your home design yet create the space and uniqueness.

What’s better than having your TV to be positioned wherever you want? Adjust when you have guests coming over for a movie night, and move it away when you want pure chatting with no disturbances. The creativity and ideas are limitless.



5: Find a corner, Tuck it in

Corner TV













Take advantage of the extra space in the corners of the room to set up your TV. This works best when you have a small living room, making use of the space while providing you with the best possible distance available. Besides, you can add decorations to make it a cosy corner.

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