Case Study #1: Hougang Avenue 9
8 August 2017

The contemporary design of this apartment was build to give the impression of a cool, comfortable and uncluttered space for the home dwellers. The blend of neutral colours, smooth lines without all fussy frills and garish decorations is the is the central theme during the renovation process.
Simple yet classy. Timeless yet current.

It’s the balance of these two concepts that brings out the beauty of this apartment.

Living Room

Hougang Ave Living Room

Plain white is boring – but we’ve brought in a little dash of glamour on the walls by installing paneled décor, breaking the monotony of a blank wall. The severe and solid black and white colours are instantly softened when coupled with a lush Victorian inspired yet modern styled seating area and a faux fur rug. A gorgeous chandelier along with clever light installations brings harmony and warmth, creating the illusion of height and space.

A place fit for royalty indeed.



No headboards, no problem. Here we’ve built a massive panel behind the sleeping area to create the impression of height, adding the wow factor once you set foot into the room. Instead of bedside tables with nightlights, we’ve installed mirrors flanking the headboard to reflect natural light as well as the lighting directly above the bed.

No more knocking over stuff in the dark. There’s nothing like retreating into a clean and uncluttered room to enjoy your daily “Zs”.

Entertainment Room


Well, “Halo” there. What have we here?

As we know, a couple that games together stays together. Here, a cozy area of the bedroom is partitioned off and transformed into an entertainment “Portal” perfect for two. Natural light is allowed in through the top of the wall. With the built in latticed design, there’s no issues with “Doom” and gloom. No “Dark Souls” either – just lots of light (both natural and installed) to illuminate the area.

With ample legroom and storage compartments, this place is no “Battlefield”, so expect no “Fallout” over personal space. We’re rather positive that they’ll enjoy many hours of fun for many, many years to come.

Kitchen / Dining Area

Dining Area

When we step into any kitchen, we think: space, functionality and more space. Here, we’ve designed a kitchen exactly the way it is meant to look like – with plenty amount of space to work in and maneuver around.

Food travels straight from the fridge, prepared on the counter, cooked on the stove and served piping hot on the dining table.

Storage spaces have also been carefully taken into consideration. As such, cabinets are extended from floor to ceiling, therefore ensuring that every single available space is fully utilized to keep the clutter away all surfaces.


Hougang Ave Bathroom

Wet and dry toilets are in high demand in contemporary homes. With space constraints, a little creativity is necessary. The main theme of the home is visible even here, with the solid black and white colours and paneled cabinets. Mirrors serve as a tool and decoration, reflecting the clean lines and lights, creating the illusion of space and brighter illumination.

Walk-in Wardrobe

Hougang Ave Walk-in Wardrobe

Folded clothes take up too much space and it is almost impossible to find the items you’d like to wear at times. The solution to this first world problem is to create a walk-in wardrobe to help you see where everything is at first glance.

With the installation of hanging racks and ample shelves, you can be sure that you will find everything in its place and a place for everything.

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