3 Ways To Transform Your Room into A Professional Home Office
11 August 2017

For a growing section of start-up entrepreneurs or small business owners, they struggle between deciding whether to rent an office space to run their operations or to build a home office within the space constraints of their apartments.

“Co-working spaces amount to $7000 rental per year!”

The average price of a fixed desk at the heart of the city ranges between $550 and $800 per month. However, while co-working spaces are relatively affordable at face value, spending $7,000 on rentals each year (for a single desk!) is not palatable at all. In addition, the thought of working side-by-side with strangers may still be daunting for individuals who prefer some privacy and quiet.

Still, how does one even begin to start planning to build a home office, really? Will this result in clutter? How can you make home offices look professional while retaining the comforts of home?

Create Space and not Clutter in your Home Office













Well, here we are to to save your day – and money. Literally.

“Start planning to build a home office – professional yet comfy”

As more and more small and savvy businesses are gravitating towards working from home, these mega-moguls in the making are scratching their heads trying to figure out the best ways to implement both creative and inspiring working environment in their houses.

Whether one intends to convert an entire room into a swanky home office or set up a tidy yet functional office area in the far corner of the living room, below are some amazing tips to help you get started.

TIP 1:

1) Build a Wall (Space) and Make Your Home Office Great Again

Building Upwards to Prevent Clutter

Image Credit: decoist.com


















Storage is everything in an office, and more so when you have limited space to work with at home. Building a bed that folds up into the wall is a fantastic way to free up floor space immediately, ensuring that you will have the comfort of pacing around while taking that important phone call with a client.

Similarly, building up wall storage near your desk allows you to put away documents and stationery without having to buy bulky furniture, pedestals or cabinets that will potentially take up too much space. As such, top tip from us would be to build upwards instead of succumbing to clutter.

Tip 2:

2) Be Aware of the Stuff You Bring Into Your Home

Say “No” to side shuffling past furniture.

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Straight up talk here, folks – if you are having issues with space, you cannot afford to bring stuff into your house that will add to the clutter. Bringing in that antique armoire with the intent of sprucing up the room will simply not work if you have to side shuffle past your furniture at every turn.

Instead, keep your stuff light and mobile so you’ll be able to shift furniture around in the event that you need that extra space while working. For example, you need to sit down on the floor with a few friends to start that jewellery crafting business? Great. Push stuff out of the way to make space and get to it.

“Roll out a custom-made portable screen to hang your portfolio”

Need to set up a temporary art gallery in your home to showcase your painting or photographs for your dinner guests? Wonderful. Roll out a custom-made portable screen to hang your work and then put it away again after the event.

TIP 3:

3) Divide and Conquer (Your Space)

Create Your Space by Installing Partitions













Remember the old adage “if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”? Well, we made that up, but the principle still applies when trying to create the illusion of space in your homes. Smaller homes face the challenge of appearing more spacious while allocating different functions to different areas in the home.

“Adding screens or curtains to separate your workstations”

For business owners who choose to operate from their bedrooms, adding screens or curtains, for instance, can separate the sleeping area from their workstations. As such, the goal is to ensure that flexible solutions are implemented at all times without taking up too much space.


Be the Boss of Your Own Space

In conclusion, the lure of home offices is sometimes met with some resistance from individuals who worry about cluttering up their haven. Yet, for every problem, there are solutions.

Creating space via partitions, being selective about what you put in your homes and building upwards are just some great alternatives compared to putting down extra money each year for a desk. As such, building a personalised office right in the comforts of your home might be the way forward for those who truly want to be in charge of their businesses and create a space that they can call their own.

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