3 Ways to Create A Sexy Home Spa
15 August 2017

Spas are becoming a bit of a necessity in Singapore simply because, whether we like to admit it or not, we love the idea of being pampered after a hard day at work. The image of us sinking down into a luxurious bath, breathing in scented oils and having our stiff shoulders, creaking backs and aching feet rubbed – that’s enough for us to make that phone call to book an appointment with the neighbourhood spas or home-based massage services. Some of us even head off for a “staycation” at the best hotels in Singapore to enjoy the facilities available in the suites.

The more adventurous amongst us would even try to book a ferry or a bus ride to neighbouring countries to engage in relatively affordable 4-hour spa marathons where you can be treated like kings and queens, basking in the great ambience and enjoying firm, invigorating massages.

Creating a spa at home












Still, all the above have one key similarity in them – we crave to escape our daily grind by being immersed in an experience or ambience provided by the spas. As such, wouldn’t it be great if you could have these amazing experiences daily instead of having to pay extra for such privileges? How about bringing ambience of the professional spas right into the comforts of your own homes and bathrooms?

Below are some top tips on how to turn boring bathrooms into a sexy spa for your daily enjoyment.


Create a Home Spa













Let’s be honest, here for a second – having our products displayed haphazardly on the toilet shelves or sinks is not going to give us good vibes at all. The multitudes of product we put on our faces each day before heading out into the world is taking over our space. Facial creams, hair wax, and nostril hair clippers – you name it.

Instead of succumbing to clutter, why not set up a storage space to hide away these items so you can take them out only when you need to use it? The best spas incorporate a vast array of sweet smelling soaps, scented oils and bath salts for display, and it is unlikely to showcase “unsexy” items like our tongue scrappers and shrivelled up tubes of toothpastes.

Keep them out of sight and out of mind, and reclaim the clean, clear and clutter-free bathroom for an immediate calming effect.


Create a Home Spa














Toilet smells are not sexy. Neighbours attempting to audition for the (now defunct) Singaporean Idol while taking a shower are definitely not sexy. These little things add stress to your day. Block them out by playing some soothing music or even bring in some scented candles to set the mood.

Even better, get a rainforest showerhead fitted so that you are able to bring the spa experience right into your bathroom. If yours come complete with LED lights installed, dim down the overhead lights in your bathroom and bask in the cleansing sensation of “rain” lightly pattering past the tips of your ears as you rinse off your day’s worries.


Home Spa


















Gaudy and clashing colours have got to go, folks. Calming yet stylish designs and decorations should be the main theme in your bathrooms, along with rolls of fluffy towels to start or end your day on a good note. Choosing the right colour scheme and a great bathroom design makes all the difference in the world towards the way you feel.

Need that burst of energy in your day? Incorporate a splash of red and white into your floor tiles, walls and dressers. Prefer to chill after a hard days work? Install a “zen” ambience into your bathroom by incorporating neutral, earthy colours, natural fittings (such as round river stones) and a minimalist design to give the perfect feel.

Colours, coupled with an impeccable bathroom design, are a powerful combination in enforcing balance and calm into your everyday life without excessive spending. Putting away unnecessary clutter, adding accents like scented candles and blocking out the hustle and bustle of everyday life exponentially enrich our daily lives, therefore turning our bathrooms into the spa-like retreat that we desperately crave for.

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