Tips to Save on Home Remodelling Costs

21 February 2022

Home Renovation Tips to Save on Renovation Costs

Real estate prices in Singapore are not one that you can bargain. Purchasing your first home in and of itself may be the biggest investment of your life. We all have dreams of living in an aesthetically pleasing home, one that we would be proud to have plastered on the front pages of design magazines. Home remodelling projects will cost you a sum too. With several home renovation decisions to make when embarking on a remodelling project, these design choices must not lead to renovation costs spiralling out of control.

As a leading designer in the industry, our years of experience in interior design and renovation projects have allowed us to condense all the important aspects of renovation into bite-sized tips so that you can build your dream home while saving on renovation costs.


1. Set a Budget and Stick to it


Once you have an estimate on the renovation costs, invest another 20%. This leniency of the new budget will cover costs that have piled up throughout the home remodelling process and ensures that the entire renovation project is completed with no room in your house left undone. With this new budget in mind, you can take the first steps towards your home project and search for a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore. It is important to remember your budget and look for other alternatives should any contractor propose a deal or renovation package that is higher than what you set out to spend.


2. Do Your Research

One cannot emphasise the importance of research when embarking on a home remodelling project. Whether it be an HDB, condo, or landed property renovation in Singapore, you should spend time researching and reading up on testimonials before choosing reliable contractors and interior designers in Singapore. As with every homeowner, you would have interior design ideas and themes that you would like to have incorporated into your space. Therefore, professionals who are sure of what they are doing must be hired for your project. This also ensures that you do not incur additional costs to fix their mistakes due to their subpar skills.

In addition to researching on the proper professional help, you should review renovation costs, various renovation packages for resale flatsBTOs, and condos, flooring options, interior design trends and ideas in Singapore. This will provide you with a new perspective and a chance to explore other feasible renovation ideas that may be easier to execute, given your budget.


3. Haves, Wants, and Needs

Redesigning your home is an exciting event to partake in. It is also common for homeowners to spend on things they do not need due to this excitement. However, just to be sure that things go according to plan, make a list of your haves, wants, and needs.

Making practical decisions are vital when saving on renovation costs in Singapore. Reuse old furniture instead of purchasing brand new items. Skip on the luxurious hardwood floors if its maintenance costs do not coincide with your lifestyle and post-renovation budget. Before splurging on things that you want, be sure that all the essential items, such as proper furnishing, have been purchased. Besides, it is more practical to finish renovating the bathroom than spending money on the in-built oven that you might not need.


4. Avoid Hacking

Demolishing or hacking works on walls and floors can cost up to $50 per foot run. Prices also vary depending on the extent of and how labour intensive the hacking work is. For example, if you are considering an open-concept floorplan, it is important to know that half-hacking a wall will cost more than demolishing it in its entirety as contractors need to be extra meticulous with their work with partial hacks.

Another home renovation tip is to consider cost-effective floorings like laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. Laminate and vinyl flooring can be layered over existing subfloors without the need to hack them for proper installation. A plus point of these flooring options? They mimic the look of the most luxurious materials without costing as much.


5. Avoid Built-Ins


Built-ins tend to add an architectural dimension to any space. But this highly detailed carpentry could make or break your renovation budget. Instead of opting for extravagant built-ins, try renovating your home based on simple and minimalistic interior design styles. Nordic styles, also known as the Scandinavian interior design, does not require extravagant architectural pieces. The perfect Scandinavian interior design can be pulled off by utilising furniture that doubles as storage space – this way, you can save costs from purchasing additional storage pieces.

From choosing vinyl and laminate flooring over luxurious hardwood floors to choosing Scandinavian designs, these home renovation tips will be sure to help you stay within budget while designing your dream home. For more information, read our renovation guides here and here.

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