Interior design Singapore: Ditch the Scandi for other alternative interior design styles

21 February 2022

Scandinavian can be the ubiquitous and trendy interior design style taking over a large part of the Singaporean homes. But you don’t need to feel compelled to opt for this choice. If you want to keep your options varied and unique, there are many other alternatives out there to explore. Are you ready to delve into them? Here are some popular home interior designing ideas worth your attention.

Exploring interior design Singapore

Old-school homely

This style can give your home the feel of old Singapore, creating a bit of retro look. You need to get the suitable accessories and furniture to infuse such environment. For wooden work, you can go to vintage stores or talk to us as we specialize in carpentry too. You can implement this designing idea by adding floral print sofas, traditional coffee-shop style chairs, mushroom type lamps, terrazzo flooring, ceramic tiles, and individual storage units.

Highlights – accessories, mid-century inspired furniture, and floral and geometric designs and patterns can define this look aptly.

Japanese interiors

Do you wish your home to have a calming effect on you? Then, this style can fulfill your desire quickly. Serenity and simplicity are integral to this idea. It empathizes on creating a clutter-free and relaxed ambiance by including hidden storage spaces. A combination of light wood surface, yellow lights, and low-height furniture can lend authenticity to your interiors vision. Including Shoji screens and tatami mats in the home can enhance the oriental essence of your home slightly more.

Highlights – lots of wooden surface, low ground furniture, Japanese style accessories, and greenery are the mainstays of this theme.

Mid-century modern

Falling in love with a mid-century modern theme will be easy if you already admire Scandinavian elegance and charm. You can notice the footprint of the 1930s and 1960s mid-century influence in Scandi interiors. Hence, it makes sense to embrace the purest form of mid-centuries interior ideas with a wee of modern touch. Neutral colors may dominate the style, but you can use mustard yellow or burnt orange to accentuate the overall ambiance. These types of home designs are most likely to keep walls white. However, if you are fond of the late mid-century modern flair, then select a darker shade.

Highlights – functionality, neutral hues with leather browns and olive greens, and yellow or orange accents are the familiar sights here. The pieces of furniture tend to have tapered legs and sculptural shapes.

Industrial or urban loft

You can give your home a makeover by bringing in the elements of urban loft while taking advantage of the cutting-edge interior design Singapore. The theme took inspiration from the 1960s trends in New York when warehouses and factories transformed into studio spaces so that artists could exhibit their work. Since the budget was an issue at that time, exposed brick walls, duct pipes, and beams featured everywhere. These, however, added an effortless raw and rundown effect to the interiors, contributing to the uniqueness of the place. In present times, this style is mostly about open floors, eclectic furnishings, and other such things that contain a reflection of homeowner’s personality.

Highlights – Since urban loft designs emphasize on brightness, keeping windows with minimal or no furnishing can be apt. The open floor plan is another distinctive characteristic of this theme. For convenience, you can incorporate glass dividers or sheer curtains. Other than these, textured brick walls, concrete or wood flooring, and neutral or white walls can efficiently transform the overall appearance of your home. Just make sure you add color accents through accessories and décor.

Modern farmhouse

If your idea of a perfect home is the casual style, then this theme has that penchant. Its rustic and calming effect can resonate with anyone. From barn doors to simple yet attractive cabinets with recesses, and a robust wooden kitchen counter with a square top, plenty of things can go into your interiors to do justice to the concept. For a modern touch, using a palette of neutral colors, such as grey, black, and white, can be smart. The focus should be on incorporating lots of raw textures and accents that also have some characteristics of the industrial designs.

Highlights – having butcher block countertops, large sink, and shaker-style storage in the kitchen and dining area can justify the farmhouse theme. The pervasive use of industrial components is another vital point. Also, choose large and comfortable furniture.

French-Style Interiors

You can go the French way to enjoy opulence and grandeur in your home. It’s all about signature features and touches. You may not be a fan of lavish mirrors, intricate lighting, and loads of panel work, but doing up your home along these lines can feel different. Since elegance is the key here, you can reinforce it quickly through the choice of neutral color schemes. French houses and their white walls are no secret. However, you can break the monotony by inserting wooden brown or pale pastel blue touches. As far as the pieces of furniture go, look for items that have an inherent antique charm. Presence of floral motifs, inlays, rolled arms, and other such elements can take care of this part.

Highlights – wall and ceiling cornices, exotic overhead lighting, neutral colors with warm tones, and a homely ambiance are essential for creating a French-like home.

Coastal home

Living in a beach house can be your dream. It’s difficult to resist the appeal of the sand and the sea. So what if you don’t have a house on the shores. You can always replicate its charm in your home interiors for basking in the freshness every day. It takes a bit of creativity and imagination to achieve the seaside feel. For example, you can incorporate decorative items that are peculiar to coastal areas. The use of fabrics should be careful. You can depend on natural rugs and blue-hued textiles to do the job for you.

Keep your furnishings minimum, but add a lot of accessories and accents to derive the look. Corals, beads, and other such things can jazz up your home like a breeze. As far as the selection of paint goes, you can think of any color related to oceans and seas. Turquoise, for instance, can be a good choice. Additionally, you can bring rattan chairs or such other things to make your home comfortable.

Highlight – the infusion of nautical accessories, modern and timeless pieces of furniture, textured items, and coastal colors can make your shift from old to this new design easy and memorable.

Hamptons theme

Although it shares many similarities with coastal homes, Hamptons’ uniqueness lies in being more refined and lavish as compared to the rugged coastal charm. The white colors with crisp and darker accents look mesmerizing. You can use tactile textures also, such as rattan furniture pieces and rough fabrics (jute, linen, etc.). However, since it is not casual like a classic coastal theme, you can add richness to the décor by using suede materials wherever required. For a more bright and spacious feel, you can buy light furnishings and glass panels. Besides, color your walls in the shades of ivory, beige, or white for breeziness. Placing photos, artwork, and other such things can create a soothing Hamptons experience.

Highlight – using metallic materials with rattan or jute can be exciting where casual marries a luxe style. Also, open floor plan, minimal draperies, and neutral tones with darker pops of colors can be the best way to give your home this new look.

Chinese style

Also known as Chinoiserie, the Chinese interiors can lend your home a mix of drama, fantasy, and glamour. Having its roots in the 17th century Europe, this theme can work for you if you crave to make your home a meeting place of eastern and western elements. Add picturesque wallpaper for an instant oriental touch, and geometric patterns for a more modern vibe. Besides, you can include fretwork chairs, lacquered furnishings, and other such things to amplify the theme.

Highlight – you can experiment with colors, furniture, and décor freely because this style is mostly about being maximalist. However, remember that the furniture is generally sleek.


In case you love finding pleasure in simple things of life, then the minimalist interior design can suit your taste. It is more about clutter- and fuss-free living. It streamlines everything by removing what is not necessary. The walls don’t need any decoration. You can add some light furniture and neutral colors to do justice to the theme.

Highlight – free spaces with restrained furnishings, monochromes with popping accents, and customized cozy appearance define this idea the best.

Balinese theme

A true Singaporean loves to holiday, and this interior design idea can recreate the nostalgia of vacationing inside your home. It’s a very eco-friendly concept as it encourages the use of natural and recyclable materials, such as bamboo, clay, paper, metal, and stones. From floors to ceilings to dividers and countertops, these materials can go anywhere. Striking shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and orange usually dominate the theme with wooden floors where you can throw in rugs and mats for texturing. To bring the outside world indoors, you can use large house plants, hammocks, mini waterfalls, etc.

Highlight – open plans, greenery, lounge-style furniture, and natural materials and bright tones are all you need to give your home authentic Balinese feel.

If you are experimental, you can opt for any maximalist or minimalist interior design ideas for a new experience.

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