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21 February 2022

HDB Renovation Ideas that Mimic Luxury Getaways

Planning for a short getaway from Singapore? When one thinks of a luxury getaway, an escape to a fantastical hideaway with panoramic views come to mind. With a little bit of imagination, any HDB unit can be transformed into a luxury abode worthy of an escape after a long day at work. Turn your home into a place of reprieve by redefining it into a luxurious getaway without sacrificing aesthetics for practicality with these design ideas.

Majestic Marble Interior Design

Lap up on the taste for the finer things in life, by turning your HDB unit into a lavish lair. Marble is a natural stone famed for its extreme beauty, making it a novel symbol of superiority and exclusive luxury. An interior design based around a marble core will make a home fit for royalty. Design should be kept simple and minimal – wood and glass make ideal elements to work with.


Dark Luxury


Marble is also well complemented by dark walls and lavish fabrics like silk. An HDB unit with a deliciously dark and urban interior design screams ‘luxury hotel’ that many can escape to. Homeowners shy away from dark walls and colours, but with the right accents to contrast the darkness, you will find yourself living in a home with a sophisticated bite. A statement light fixture will brighten the room and reflect off the precious stone, making it look like artwork on display.


Set the Stage for a Luxury Escape

Speaking of artwork on display and statement lighting, installing large wall art and track lighting gives your home a modern twist. Using ambient downlights will also help deliver a resort theme with its focused lighting design. Dramatically light a designated section of your home with unique pieces of lighting and have your HDB unit looking like a gallery.

Large wall murals can be installed from ground to ceiling, or intricate details of a contrasting colours, textures, and materials can be introduced across walls to elevate the aesthetic value of your home. The shadows created from the subdued lighting will provide a pleasant tempering ambiance, reflective of any luxury getaway.


Minimalistic Interior Design with an Indoor Garden

In awe of the architectural magnificence of Gardens by the Bay? Spruce up your home design game by bringing nature and minimalistic interior design together in a spectacular symbiosis with an indoor garden. A well-landscaped indoor garden will add a touch of drama to your home and elevate its aesthetic value. Keep materials and architecture simplistic and minimal so that these clean lines juxtapose the organic and distinct silhouettes, contours, and lines of the natural elements. Even a simple enclosed garden with an oasis of plants in the corner of your home can bring opulence with the right lighting.


HDB Balcony as an Outdoor Sanctuary


Take your design beyond the walls of your home and extend it into your HDB balcony or veranda. When HDB units are undergoing renovation, many homeowners in Singapore tend to leave their balconies out of design plans, taking on a practical approach when renovating the space. Whether due to its small size or isolation from the main living space, getting creative with your HDB balcony space can transform it into an outdoor sanctuary.


Install outdoor decking that contrasts the flooring in your home so that a distinct division is set between your interior and exterior. This will create a balcony that seems separate from the home, establishing it as a space made for solitude.


Install Green Walls in your HDB Balcony

Cladding your HDB balcony with wood decking and adding plush furnishing sounds plain to you? Up the ante by putting up space-saving vertical green walls. These pleasant visual features are a luxuriant addition to any home. Though extravagant, a green wall can be built using low-maintenance plants. Moreover, contradictory to its name, green walls can be injected with colours from tropical plants with autumnal hues.

This installation is the perfect play of textures amongst the solid and rigid lines of other HDB flats. Creating a fortress within the confines of your HDB unit will act as a buffer between you and the concrete jungle that surrounds us.

Creating a luxury getaway is a simple feat to achieve with the right interior design plan, designer in Singapore, and inspiration. Get a head start on your HDB renovation with these ideas, and turn your unit into a dreamy vista.

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