Illusion of a Larger Space │ Make a Small Room Look Bigger

21 February 2022

Use strategic styling to create an illusion that your home is larger than it is. Find out how you can design a small space to look bigger with these ideas.


Small Space Decorating Ideas

As homeowners, we may want to utilise every nook and cranny of our home so that our personal style shows through. With homes in Singapore getting smaller, no space is ever big enough. However, there is an innate charm to small spaces, albeit its design challenges. Make every space count with these small space design ideas and concepts that will trick the eye and make your house look more spacious.

Small Living Room Ideas

Expansive Rooms with Counterintuitive Hues

 Design a snug and intimate living room with dark walls. Dark colours like blueberry or onyx give the room depth by blurring out sharp corners of a living room and saturating it with consistency. Another great idea is to put in light furniture that contrasts the deep paint and adds layers and dimensions.


Suspension, Levitation, and Design Illusion

When thinking of how to make a small room look bigger, opening the space should be at the forefront of every interior design plan. Keep your floors visible with streamlined furniture that has lithe supports which do not take up much floor space. Use armless open chairs and pull sofas away from the wall, and your small living room will look larger. Tapping on the idea of floating in space, use wall shelves that are aligned strategically to bring the eyes upwards.

Small Bedroom Ideas


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Take “smoke and mirrors” literally and add this reflective material to your small bedroom. Known to be one of the oldest tricks in the interior design books used by many designers, mirrors are a great way to trick the eyes. The height of a large mirror will bring the eye up, accentuating high ceilings, and not the lack of space. Placing mirrors near windows will cause it to reflect an abundance of light into the room, making the bedroom feel more open.


Wallpaper with a Stylistic Purpose

Just like how mirrors can divert the eyes to a specific spot, a bold wallpaper does the same. By covering a small section of your bedroom with a print, a sense of space is created. Sedated colours and monochrome walls, will lend your small bedroom a neutral box effect, making it feel larger. If you want your room design to feel intimate, opt for a colourful wall instead, and create a jewel-box effect.


Small Kitchen Ideas


Keep it Classic

Keep the kitchen design scheme simple. Sleek white cabinets, reflective materials, and installations with minimalistic designs should be incorporated to make a pared-down statement. Choose one or two materials to work with so that the kitchen design looks streamlined. White marble and neutrally coloured wood pair well to create a space that reflects the natural light, which bounces around to create a sense of movement.


Expose Your Cookware

Skip the ordinary shelves and make the most out of the space that you have. Install open shelving to create an airy feel, as well as a visual interest. Add metal panel shelving that maximises and puts underutilised space to good use. Copper latticed pipe shelving will add a pop of colour and contrast to the crisp colour scheme of your small kitchen.


Small Bathroom Ideas


Built-in Shelves and Niches

If your shower or tub takes up all the space of your small bathroom, you will need to come up with storage space ideas. Niches are strategic configurations that if made deep enough, can fit most bathroom supplies. Built-in shelves or racks are also great alternatives to save floor space – it provides extra room for hanging and storing linen in the sleekest way possible.


Skip the Glass Doors

Consider glass panels instead of frosted doors or curtains to create an illusion of a much bigger space. When separating the shower from the small bathroom area, the clear design and open concept will give the impression that space is larger than it is.

With these strategic small space styling ideas and tips, create the maximum impact with the minimal space, and make any small room look bigger.

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