How to Check Your BTO for Defects

21 February 2022

The Ultimate HDB BTO Defects Checklist

You have chosen the perfect flat and gotten your keys to your new BTO flat in Singapore, and like every homeowner, you probably are excited to embark on your BTO renovation journey. However, before engaging an external party to make any form of modifications to your new home, it is crucial that you check your BTO for defects. This is important, as defects identified immediately after attaining the keys will be covered by the HDB developers regardless of your flat type and size. As an interior design company, we have seen through thousands of client’s home journeys from start to end. Therefore, with our expertise in the field, in this article, we cover HDB BTO defects tips to ensure your home retains its structural integrity for years to come.

How to Check Your BTO for Defects

Upon receiving your keys to your new BTO flat in Singapore, you will be given the Defects Feedback Form. Obtain several copies and carry out the inspections. Due to time constraints and requirements for meticulousness, you can consider hiring professional inspection companies that are well-versed on how to check for BTO defects. However, if you decide to personally check your BTO for defects, be sure to take pictures and be as thorough as possible.

Where to Check?

If you have decided to unearth your HBD BTO defects without professional aid, create a checklist on where to check. Ideally, you should be checking every inch of your home regardless of your HDB flat type, but some of the crucial areas include:

1. Entrance

2. Living Area

3. Kitchen

4. Toilet

5. Utility Room

6. Balcony Area

7. Bedrooms


What Type of BTO Defects to Look for?

1. Flooring

Methods for checking for flooring defects varies according to the material. The most used flooring types are tiles and parquet floors. For tile floors, tap on them to see if they are hollow. Are there stains and cracks on individual tiles? Also, mark out tiles that are dislodged or popping up. For parquet, inspect closely for scratches, levelness, and colour consistency.


2. Electrical Wiring

Make sure fittings are aligned, all power sockets and lighting are properly installed and working. It is also best to hire a certified electrician in Singapore to check for any faulty electrical wiring.


3. Walls and Ceilings

Many tend to miss out on the ceilings when going through their HDB BTO defects checklist. Like the walls, check for stains, unevenness, cracks, and unusual paint marks. Be sure to check for mould stains as these are a tell-tale sign of leakage.


4. Doors, Gates, and Windows

Defects around the doors, gates, windows include poor workmanship in terms of touch-ups along crevices and gaps in between the frames and the wall it is attached to. Functionality issues may also be caused by rusty frames, bolts, and pivots. Be sure to check everything from the installation of the peephole to the ability to lock and unlock the doors and windows with the keys provided.


5. Plumbing

Check if there is any water leakage. This can be done by tugging on water faucets to see if they are secured. To be certain that there are no blockages or water leakage, turn off all your valves and check if your meter is still running.


When is the Best Time to Check?

A common HDB BTO defect tip is to conduct checks on rainy days and at night. This is because there is an increased chance of identifying water-related defects when raining, and patchy paint works, scratches, and unlevelled flooring tend to be more visible at night.

It is also critical to remember that you only have seven days to fill in and submit the forms to your estate’s Building Service Centre (BSC) with all the vital information surrounding the defects. But fret not, there is also a 12-months Defects Liability Period whereby the main contractors may rectify further defects if no renovation works have been conducted. Be sure to have any issues rectified so that you can embark on your next journey – remodelling your apartment within budget!

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How to Check Your BTO for Defects

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