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21 February 2022

Home Decor Ideas: Big Style Statements in a Small Space

It is without a doubt that homes in Singapore are getting smaller, but designing any space, in general, has its own set of challenges. Interior designers in Singapore and experts well-versed in home décor constantly toss out ideas or rules from an outdated rulebook to clients living in small HDBs or condos with specific interior design concerns. When it comes to designing small spaces, some of the rules put forth include abiding by the less is more concept, drowning walls in white paint, avoiding short stumpy curtains, and more. However, you might just end up skimping on style when strictly following these guidelines. In this article, we cover home styling tips and ideas that break design norms while making your small space feel larger than life.


Go Big with Colours

The monochromatic look of a white colour palette is popular hack amongst those looking to give their rooms the illusion of looking bigger than it is. Bright, light, and clean, whites and subdued neutrals reflect light abundantly and keeps the room looking expansive and free from a cluttered variety. But if you are not a fan of the restrained look, take a plunge and embrace the more is more theme.


Whether it be the walls or home décor, using bold colours will make for a stylish pad. A bold wall with dark paint will add depth to a space compared to a flat white, creating a sophisticated setting. Dark walls tend to draw the environment closer, enhancing the intimacy of the space. this by using paint that has a glossy finish to it. This way, the space will not only feel tranquil but will look bigger as the light will bounce off its surface.


To add to the architectural dimension, experiment with some colour play. Contrast the dark walls with light furnishing or décor. The mismatched look will not only add to the visual appeal but will give your home a dramatic flair.


Large Furniture

Small space, small-scale furniture? Keeping the furniture to room size ratio within the 60/40 golden ratio rule will allow you to walk on the fine line between sparsity and abundance. However, there is a silver lining in tipping the scales. Since there is a major difference between curating pieces and cluttering a small space, placing a large piece of furniture in a compact corner of a room could not be farther from committing to the latter. Filling a space with a piece of single bulky furniture will make the space more inviting and look bigger. For example, installing a towering built-in bookshelf or large sofa will add character to a room. If such large furnishings or home décor pieces are in a bold, jewel-tone colour, a free and artistic vibe will be imbued into the room too.


Large Rugs

How does a large rug sound like for a home décor idea? Covering your floors with small rugs will break up the space of your home in Singapore. Small condos and HDB apartments will benefit from a rug that acts as an “invisible” piece in their interior design. Therefore, a large rug that will cover the floor in its entirety without breaking up the floor, is an ideal choice. Large rugs will give the illusion of a bigger room and a bold and bright alternative will anchor the area while making a design statement.

It is a common theme in Singapore whereby homeowners of small condos and BTOs have to turn a single room into two. An interior design hack is to utilise multiple large or medium rugs to divide the space. For example, two rugs of different colours and textures can be used to separate the living room from the dining area.


Large Statement Pieces

Break another guideline in the interior design rule book and make a lasting impact by putting up a singular bold statement piece. Many tend to decorate their space with small and dainty pieces out of fear that their homes may seem cluttered. On the contrary, having several small knick-knacks will make the space look messier and cramped. Putting up a large statement piece is indicative of a sophisticated design taste and will surely act as an interesting conversation piece.

Shake up your small home with home décor ideas that push boundaries. When you curate your space and strategically install pieces for your small space, the largest of furniture and boldest of colours will give any home a chic and show-stopping glow-up.

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