Executive Condo Renovation Ideas: Make Your E-Condo Appear Bigger

21 February 2022

The Illusion of Space: Small Condo Renovation Ideas


Known as Executive Condominiums, E-condos has been one of the top-selling property projects for the past few years. Sold by private developers but still under the rules and regulations of the Housing Development Board (HDB), the E-condo is a hybrid of both the government-built HDB flats and the fancy private condominiums – the perfect blend of community living with exclusivity. It is a given that homes in Singapore are moderately-sized and require much help of professional interior designers to convert a basic, functional flat into one that is reflective of an opulent apartment both in terms of size and luxury. Understanding the challenges of small home interior design, we have compiled a list of Executive Condo renovation ideas to consider when attempting to make your E-condo appear bigger.  


 1. Play by the Classic Rules of Home Space Illusion 

There are a few classic rules of small home interior design. Some of these interior design ideas include:

  • Mirrors
  • Other reflective materials
  • Multifunctional furniture 

Regardless of the structural foundations of your home, interior design theme you are going for, or lifestyle habits, these design rules are sure to make any small space look more expansive. Other than these design tips, there are other things that you could consider when working on your E-condo.


 2. Small Home Design: Brighten Up the Space


Lighting is often an element that is overshadowed by other design components such as furniture, wall paint, and more. However, to interior designers, lighting can make or break the interior of a home. Facilitating with the “flow” of the home, the right lighting, be it natural or fixtures, can open up the space and make it more inviting. From making specific pieces the focal point in the space to creating the illusion of movement, lighting is just as important as flooring in a home – especially a small home. So try removing your curtains or adding lighting fixtures where appropriate.


 3. Small Home Design: Fill Every Corner

Throwing in furniture simply just to fill a space may make your home look more cluttered and cramped. But empty corners can distort the entire design of a home with its ‘awkwardness’. Going with a strategic layout and curating pieces in your home will make all the difference. Filling in little corners creates cohesion, making the home look more put-together – thus distracting from the small space.


 4. Small Home Design: Lithe Legs

As mentioned in our previous blog, suspension and levitation should be at the top of your minds when designing a small space. This removes any form of disruptions to the flow of the floor space, instilling a sense of openness. Consider chairs with lithe legs or wall mounted tables to save on occupied floor space and improve floor visibility.


5. Small Condo Interior Design: Avoid False Ceiling

Though not obvious, the height of condominium ceilings is typically a few centimetres higher than that of an HDB flat. With higher ceilings, many executive condo homeowners tend to purchase renovation packages that include the installation of false ceilings when the extra vertical space could be well made use of. Take vertical illusion to the next level, and install tall cabinets, bookshelves, or even construct furniture decks if you have space for it. This will bring the attention to the impressive vertical space rather than the minimal horizontal space.


 6. Small Condo Interior Design: Chandeliers & Cove Lights

Tapping on the point of highlighting the vertical aspects of a home, installing chandeliers and cove lights will bring the eyes up. Grand chandeliers can make for a great visual interest, adding timeless elegance to the space. To achieve a practical aesthetic effect, go by the rule of thirds – consider the height of the ground to the ceiling, divide it into thirds and install one that drops down into or beyond the first 1/3 – think a few inches from the table or other furniture. Spotlights also work well in spreading light throughout the space, bringing the eye around the room, creating a predetermined visual journey.


 7. Small Condo Interior Design: Extension & Expansion

A popular condo interior design trend that we’ve observed in Singapore is the open concept. Hacking walls down to join separate rooms creates a larger and airier space. Next time you embark on an Executive condo renovation project in Singapore consider hacking some walls to create a fun yet large social space.

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