9 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Scandinavian Interior Design

21 February 2022

The Scandinavian style is popular for its cozy accents, neutral color schemes, and eye-catching modern furnishings. Most of it is usually easy to recognize – modern furniture, white walls, and wood floors.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Although it is simple and understated, the Scandinavian design usually gives the impression of an artwork when it comes to furniture.

There’s usability in the accessories along with various interesting figures, countless of which are influenced by sculptures. Various common features include the use of natural materials and pure white color schemes.

The style would make use of elements like bright plastics, wide plank flooring, form-pressed wood, steel, and glossed aluminum.

Dashes of color usually come from the utilization of natural fiber, art, furs, throws, or furniture. Scandinavian interior design is characterized by roomy spaces, genuine lighting, fewer possessions and functional furniture.

Tips on Scandinavian Style

Want to get that cozy and minimal Scandinavian style for your home but don’t know how to accomplish it? Check out our 10 best tips on how to create a beautiful Scandinavian style living room.

Using these tips as your guide, you should be able to create a stunning space that incorporates the simplicity, beauty, and functionality of a Scandinavian interior design.

Decorate with Warm Schemes

The climate in Scandinavia and the Nordic region is cold and temperate. Therefore, it is highly common to utilize warm color schemes when decorating.

Decorating with warm tones is an excellent way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and a look that is serene and welcoming.

One way to achieve this atmosphere is to incorporate warm, decorative fabrics and textiles into your living room design. These fabrics can appear in the form of carpets or throws that are created from mohair, wool or sheepskin.

Simple Design Highlights

The Scandinavian interior design style mainly revolves around simplicity, functionality, and clean aesthetics. The key to decorating a Scandinavian style living area is to focus more on contemporary elements and minimal patterns.

You can accessorize your couches with throws and pillows with simple geometric prints to add subtle color and texture to your space. You can also opt to adorn your living room table with elegant ceramic vases.

Combine Wood and Metal Finishes

Wooden flooring is a quintessential element of a Scandinavian interior. To emulate a cozy atmosphere, light colored wooden materials are frequently used in Scandinavian floor design. This provides a stunning visual contrast against the minimal style of the rest of the interior.

Aside from flooring, Scandinavian interiors also include plenty of wood fixtures such as cabinets, chairs and coffee tables.

The recent trend in Scandinavian design is to combine the use of wood and metallic accents. For example, brass pendants and copper scones are placed in a wood canopy to add an understated shine and glimmer to the whole space.

Monotonous Colors Schemes

The Scandinavian interior design style often uses a specific color scheme which includes shades of blacks, grays, browns and whites.

So, concentrate on the use of these colors when decorating your living room to successfully emulate the modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design. In most Scandinavian homes, walls are usually colored in white to draw more attention to decorative pieces and furnishings. Ultimately, a Scandinavian design is closely related to a minimalist interior design style.


The most vital aspect of Scandinavian interior design is ensuring that the area is clutter-free. Scandinavian design embraces the “less is more” philosophy to ensure that home spaces appear less messy and more pleasing to the eyes.

Hence, unwanted clutter must be averted and storage areas should be smartly organized.

Flooring Should Have a Light Shade

Wall-to-wall carpets are uncommon in Scandinavian design. Instead, white or light-colored wood is often used as a flooring material throughout many Scandinavian homes. The use of light-colored flooring makes a room appear more spacious, warm and welcoming.

Minimal Window Materials

Scandinavian family areas must possess a more welcoming feel, and the most effective way to carry this out is by letting natural light seep in.

In a Scandinavian style living room, window treatments should be minimal to avoid blocking the sun’s rays. Stay away from heavy window coverings and opt for light textiles and simple shades.

Moreover, the effect of the light over your sheer blinds at nighttime will ensure your living area seem even more enchanting.

Choose Proper Lighting

Due to shorter daylight hours, Scandinavian homes rely on various types of artificial lighting to brighten up their homes.

The ambience of a Scandinavian style house is also set by the lighting. Consider using simple, modern lighting fixtures such as pendant lamps and wall scones.

You may also use candelabras and candle lights to create a romantic and warm atmosphere for your living room.

Focus on Functionality and Form

Regarding the utilization of furnishings in this type of interior design, the most evident feature should be refined lines.

A modern touch with smooth and rounded edges should be incorporated in the sofas, chairs, tables, and other Scandinavian furniture.

The Scandinavian style is also known by its functional and innovative utilization of space, thus it’s ordinary to spot a multilevel wall shelf of a Scandinavian family area.

These smart storage solutions add an aesthetic charm to an area and are also space-efficient and innovative.

Best Scandinavian Design Style Ideas

Blanchard Condo

This is an example of a Scandinavian style living room in Seattle. It features an open-concept interior with beige wood floors and white walls.

The mix of white walls and white or light wood floors help maximize natural light, making the space appear wider, cleaner and brighter.

Modern Courtyard Home

This Scandinavian style living room in Orlando features beige floors and beige walls.

This interior design style is perfect for smaller homes, offering space-efficient solutions without compromising style.

Modern Shacks

This Scandinavian living area in New York features concrete gray floors and white walls.

This style is perfect for those who like to have an art piece adorning their living room without making the compact space too extravagant.

Mt. Washington Scandinavian Cool

This Scandinavian living room in Los Angeles features light Danish wood floors and white walls.

The style exudes a bright and minimal look that makes space look much bigger.

Alturas Home

This Scandinavian living room in Boise features white walls, light wooden floors and no TV.

It has a very modern wooden cabin feel with its brown leather couch and matching tones. However, it does not look rustic and traditional and still exudes that trademark light and warmth of a Scandinavian design.


This Scandinavian living room in New York features light wood floors and white walls.

The style gives an impression of a wide and spacious room.

Eclectic Modern Silverlake Home

This Scandinavian living room in Los Angeles features dark brown wood floors and white walls.

Clifford Residence

This Scandinavian living room in Austin features an open-concept space with light wood floors, white walls and no TV.

Modern Black and White

This Scandinavian living room in Boise features an open-concept interior with light wood floors, white walls and a wall-mounted TV.

Hyde Park Family Flat

This Scandinavian living room in Chicago features an open-concept interior with dark brown wood floors, white walls and no TV.


Minimalism may have varying popularity over the years, but the Scandinavian interior design is one type of refined style that will constantly be considered as a trend.

The Scandinavian interior design, in contrast to sparse, dull spaces, utilizes a mix of textures, soft hues, and contrasts to ensure that your glossy and stylish space feel inviting and warm.

Exercising discipline in your design options while still being able to ensure that the area feels relaxing is no small feat. But with the right amount of effort and creativity, achieving your dream home look is not impossible.

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