14 of the Most Popular HDB Interior Design You Should Know

21 February 2022

Interior design is the art and science of developing the interior of a structure in order to gain a more eye-pleasing and refreshing ambiance for the individuals living in the area.

Learn more about the different types of interior design styles through reading the article below.

Types of Interior Design Styles

The best starting step for any interior design idea, or even for choosing a design for your home, is to comprehend a bit about all of the design styles and how they vary from one another.

Bohemian is a well-known style for fashion and home design. It depicts a carefree way of living with minimal rules, aside from following your heart’s desire.

Bohemian homes may include globally inspired textiles, rugs, light fixtures, vintage furniture, displays of collections, and items found in widely varied sources including during one’s travels and flea markets.

When incorporating the bohemian design, it isn’t rare to spot floor pillows and comfortable seating spaces.

This assorted style can combine a well-worn rug and a mid-century chair paired with an ultra-glam chandelier. There’s a carefree attitude within the Bohemian style where anything is possible if you love it.

Coastal (Hamptons)

Also dubbed as the Hamptons style, the coastal style comes from the well-known U.S. beachside. Usual characteristics include fresh neutral themes combined with greens and blues and light, airy color palettes.

Furnishings are commonly beige or white. The accessories are often inspired by the sea and the space can showcase elements of wood.

Common fixtures of the classic Coastal/Hampton style are the white and blue striped designs for painted white wood, pillows, white plush sofas, and large windows.

The aim is to make a comfortable and relaxed setting that is brought by the ocean and beach.


Contemporary are commonly employed interchangeably with modern styles it defines design grounded on the characteristics of the present.

The main difference that distinguishes the contemporary and modern design is that modern is a precise illustration of style that began in the 20th century.

On one hand, contemporary is more flexible and can portray an impression of currency with lower observance to one specific style.

For example, modern design does not include curving lines, unlike the contemporary style. This style is popular in HDB interior design for its flexibility in current trends.

French Country

As are worn and ornamental wooden furnishing, warm, earthy colors are also indicative of a French Country design style. This interior design style has an overarching farmhouse appeal.

Moreover, this design may present stone and brick and warm and soft tones of gold, yellow, and red. French Country design can include hefty linens and bed covers and collections of ornate porcelain dishes.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam, also known as the Hollywood Regency, is a design style that is usually excessive, opulent, and luxurious. It best suits a homeowner who delights in making a design statement and having a naturally dramatic design style.

This design type can include some characteristics of Victorian style, like tufting, plush, velvet furnishings, and antiques. The color schemes are ultimately bold, like reds, purples, and turquoise.


As its name suggests, Industrial style gets inspiration from a city loft or a warehouse. In several of the elements, there’s a sense of uncompleted rawness and it’s not unusual to see exposed wood, brick, and ductwork.

A revamped loft from a previous industrial building can become a widely recognized house with an industrial design motif. It should sport old timber, high ceilings, and hanging metal light structure with a few operational furniture.

To give a splash of color features to an otherwise monotonous color design based on the main materials of metals and wood, there may conceivably be one or two photography or abstract art pieces.

Mid-Century Modern

There are some elements of minimalism and an old-school nostalgia that exists in Mid-Century Modern Design.

It emphasizes on easy-to-use contemporary designs, pared-down figures, organic or natural shapes, and modest fabrications.

It helps with the impeccable transition from exterior to interior and also easily complements any inner design.

The minimalist concept is one that’s popular in Singapore. It further simplifies notions of modern design.

Colour schemes are airy and neutral; furnishings are modest and compact, and nothing is over extravagant or flashy in both décor and accessories. Minimalism is generally represented by ultra-clean lines and a touch of functionality.


Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to a home with a simple color palette, clean, crisp lines, and the use of materials that can include glass, metal, and steel.

Including furniture, Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element. A word that’s commonly used to describe the modern style is sleek, and there is not a lot of clutter or accessories involved with a modern style.


Utilizing raw and usually unfinished materials including stone and wood, Rustic design is acquired from natural inspiration.

Rustic design may use accessories from nature with architectural elements and warmth emanating from the design that may contain features like reformed wood floors or arched ceilings embellished with wooden beams.


Although it is understated and simple, Scandinavian furniture design usually seems like a work of art. Along with several interesting lines, there’s a sense of usability in the furniture, countless of which possess a sculptural impact.

If there are bursts of color, it usually comes from the utilization of natural fiber, art, furs or throws, or a sole piece of furnishing. Cavernous, natural lighting, paraphernalia, and usable furniture characterize Scandinavian designs.

Shabby Chic

In contrast to the Bohemian and different design types, Shabby chic is a vintage-inspired style that appears to be more delicate, feminine, and soft.

Shabby chic furniture usually has antique-style coatings and are commonly either worn out or made to look that way.

The Shabby Chic color palettes involve pastels, white, and cream. Bright light structures and wall pendants may be elaborate and carry out the feminine aura of the shabby chic design.


Traditional design style proposes sumptuous furnishings, classic details, and affluence of accessories. It is grounded in European impressions.

Traditional homes usually showcase rich color palettes, dark, finished wood, and an assortment of curved lines and textures.

Fabrics, like brocade, velvet, and silk, include various textures and patterns, while
furnishings have fancy and extravagant details. Proportionality within countless traditional designs is present along with depth and layering.


Transitional is a highly popular style that adopts the features from both modern and traditional design to create an area that’s not “excessive”. There’s a notion of balance that’s unexpected and greatly appealing.

A transitional design may make use of plush furnishings and then combine them with modern substances, such as glass and steel.

Most Popular Interior Design Styles of 2019

Kitchen Remodel #3 – Rockville MD
This kitchen has a huge classy u-shaped mid-tone wood flooring and brown floor kitchen.

It has raised-panel cabinets, granite countertops, white cabinets, beige backsplash, paneled appliances, stone tile backsplash, and an island.

Good For
● People who want a traditional kitchen design.

Emerson Small Bath

This bathroom design is a perfect example of a classic ceramic tile marble floor, black and white tile, and gray floor bathroom inspiration in Minneapolis.

It has furniture-like cabinets, blue cabinets, blue walls, under-mount sink, engineered quartz countertops, a hinged shower door, and white countertops.

Good For
● People who want a traditional bathroom design.


This kitchen exudes the refinement of ash-colored industrial materials. It has white shaker cupboards, a high wall that possesses a freezer and fixed refrigeration frames, and spotless metal ovens.

It also has a counter with an attached dishwasher and an adjacent sink that helps create a space for effortless cleaning, preparing, and cooking.

There is also a cooking bay with customized arch cabinets that has metal inserts instead of traditional glass. The space is overall welcoming due to the non-formal seating arrangement at bar rise position.

Good For
● People who want a contemporary kitchen design.

Newport Beach, River

This kitchen is an excellent sample of a trendy l-shaped medium tone brown floor and wood floor kitchen design in Orange County with spotless metal appliances, white cabinets, shaker cabinets, gray backsplash, gray countertops, and an island.

Good For
● People who want a contemporary kitchen design.

Brookside: Eagles Nest

This design shows a refined area exuding comfort and sophistication in one go. Brought about in the throw pillows and accessories, the monotonous chairs and sofas serve as great backdrops for the color accents.

This living room idea has a custom formal somber wood flooring in Indianapolis that has gray walls and a tv stand which is great for great for HDB renovation.

Good For
● People who want a traditional living room design.


A primary knowledge of design basics and styles is an excellent aid in setting your own design concepts.

You can easily create inspirational images of your anticipated dream house and supply an idea to make your own visage by having the ability to identify different interior design styles.

It is always understood that having the words to convey your inspired image can make magic happen.

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