A Mindful Design Philosophy

Through thoughtful planning and an in-depth understanding of our customers intentions, our design consultants devise bespoke solutions for each homeowner, incorporating themes of wellness, usability, and aesthetics into each home. At Darwin Interior, it is more about how the homeowner wants to feel about his or her home, and less about what the latest interior design trend in Singapore is. With this philosophy in mind, we are able to dress each home with a unique personality, be it a HDB home, condominium or landed apartment.


An Honest History


About Us

Established since 1995, we have had over 22,000 satisfied homeowners and business customers remember us and repeat customers who have come back to us for their second or third homes 20 years later. We have also forged long-term rapport with the major home suppliers and also our own in-house team of carpenters with a wealth of experience for quality work.

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